About the Music

The Ponderworthy music is unique in many ways, but we have found its musical "language" works well in the hearts of a surprisingly wide variety of ages and cultures of listeners. It is instrumental, no words at all, except a few very rare spoken for cues and emphasis. The music admits of quite a variety. We have elements of rock, jazz, classical, metal, multiple forms of world, and others!

One thing that it's never, is lullaby ☺ Some songs start slow because a moment is to be built, but there is always a strength, a power if you will, which wakes and motivates us quite a lot, and we are told, others too. And some of them are profoundly so from beginning to end.

For us the music is also very spiritual: though our music is never heard in this world before we play it, we understand that the music is not made by us or within us, it comes from somewhere else, a place much better than here.

All of this, and more, are why we call it "music of compassion; fire, and life!"