Ponderworthy Music is a very special ensemble. Our music is instrumental, original, and very motivational; the music is given, and we all resonate as best we can. It is tremendous fun every time we meet. Different every time, but the themes are nonetheless catchy and nicely ponder-worthy!

Jonathan E. Brickman

Jonathan is our founder and our keyboardist. He began learning in piano from his father at age three, and a few years later began with Myrna Lyons of Potomac, Maryland, with lots of help from his mother too. While being rigorously trained in classical piano, much of his listening was various newer forms of music, and mysteriously he found himself interested in the lore of the electric guitar. Jonathan never learned guitar, but he did learn how to understand guitarists, and this turns out to be a very good thing today! Great guitarists are rather distinctive people; and many of them do not want bios ☺; but they make wonderful friends.

Lewis Beck